Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

Each subscription box features a variety  curated creations from Cape Cod creators along with a story about each item and the Cape Codders behind it.   

When do you ship?

We accept orders until midnight Eastern U.S. time on the 5th of each month and we ship on the 20th of each month. 

When will I receive my shipment?

We ship on the 20th of each month, so you should receive your order by the end of each month.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Currently, we do not ship outside of the United States, however, we may be able to accommodate a special order. Please contact us at or +1 774.408.8908 to discuss your request.

It is the end of the month and I have not received my shipment yet. What do I do?

Please contact us at or 774.408.8908 and we'll find out what happened.

When will my credit card be charged?

If you choose the monthly option, you will be charged the last day of the month. If you choose a prepay option, you will be charged at time of order.

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely! Just log into your account and you can choose to skip a renewal at any time. If you have a hard time figuring out how to do this, just let us know and we can help. 

Do you have corporate gift or special occasion options?

We sure do and we would love to work with you to customize something that works for your company or occasion. Just send us an email at or call us 774.408.8908 

One of the items in my box is damaged. Will you replace it?

Absolutely! Just take a photo of the damaged item and send it along with a description of the damaged item to along with your order number or call us at 774.408.8908

Since food items are often included in each box, do you have options for people with allergies?

We do recognize that people may have special dietary requirements. However, we currently do not offer the option to switch out certain items in a shipment. The good news is that each of the items included would also make a nice gift that you can pass along.

I love your logo! Where can I buy Cape Cod Calling merchandise?

Thank you. We love it, too! We will have Cape Cod Calling branded merchandise available to order soon. If you are a subscriber, you will be notified as soon as our online store is open.

Do you have a question that we did not answer here?

 Just send us an email at or call us 774.408.8908 

Are you ready to enjoy your Cape Cod experience?