Meet The Cape Cod Calling Creators

Our Cape Cod Calling Curators are continuously discovering creators here on Cape Cod whose treasures are delivered right to your door in your monthly Cape Cod Calling subscription.  Learn more about some of our finds below. As promoters of our local Cape Cod business community, we also encourage you to visit their websites from the link provided in each description.

Bass River Pottery

To live by the sea beach and make pottery is a dream come true for Jeanmarie Oclair.
Recently celebrating a 20th anniversary, Bass River Pottery started with a small empty building, a few bags of clay and a wheel. Since then, it has become home of the original Mermaid Mug and Sea Shell Earring bowls, grown to making a few hundred coffee mugs a year, and handmade tiles, many of which are showcased in homes throughout the Cape. The pottery is influenced by the ocean and life that surrounds Cape Cod. 


Graceful Fire Glass


Carolyn Ferrell is the owner and designer behind Graceful Fire. Her love of crafts began at an early age. She explored sewing, photography, quilting, and polymer clay.  In the early 00's she became obsessed with lampworking after taking a beginners class. In addition to lampworking, she also paints, creates glass jewelry and beads. Carolyn believes that artistic expression, whether in the kitchen, in a garden or in an art studio, is an intrinsic part of each person’s soul. Love of, and the desire to be exposed to, beauty is not only a human longing, but it is very humanizing.


Robin's Toffee By The Sea


As a holiday tradition over many years Robin prepared toffee from an old family recipe for family and friends. She enjoyed making it as much as everyone looked forward to receiving it. 

In 2014, Robin's Toffee by the Sea was established. Her toffee is made from the finest ingredients and in small batches only. She is enjoying coastal community living and following her dream.

Enjoy and share!


P.B. Ink Design 

P.B. Ink Design is a custom art and design company creating custom artwork, illustrations and design with a particular specialty in stone design of all types and sizes.

Patrick Boufford and his fiancée, Denise Parent, are both local artists and long time residents of Cape Cod. They not only have a love for each other, but also for beautiful Cape Cod, nature and the arts. 


Wash Ashore Soaps & Sundries

Beautiful handmade soaps, formulated with love and care. We are Wash Ashores but our daughter was born right here on Cape Cod. Our soaps are made in small batches with the best local ingredients we can find. A treat for your skin, that smells so good, you'll want to eat them! But please don't.  


Eastham Stamp 

Jordan Ayres  grew up with her feet damp and hair salty from practically living at First Encounter Beach in Eastham. Eastham Stamp was born after Jordan found her love for jewelry-making early in 2018. She decided to focus her pieces specifically made for Cape Codders and the people who love this little island as much as she does. Eastham Stamp strives to bring locals, washashores, and tourists together with their love for all things Cape Cod.



Cape Cod Washer Jewelry


Who walks into Home Depot and thinks, "My kind of jewelry"!  The answer is Lindsay. If you know Lindsay, she's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. She loves jewelry, but definitely a style that fits her personality. .  These pendants are made from a stainless steel washer that is usually found next to the nuts and bolts.

Her idea began while sitting on the couch recovering from back surgery. She was looking for something to do to keep busy, and needed to be able to create on a small scale.  In 2016, she and Jenn decided to start Washershore to bring their passion of creating unique and beautifully designed pieces  to the surface. 

Make a statement. Hardware it!


Cape Cod Coffee 

At Cape Cod Coffee, great coffee is our passion. We believe drinking coffee should be an enjoyable experience, one that you look forward to each day. This is why we are focused on quality throughout the entire process from bean to cup. We take considerable care in selecting the highest quality coffee beans and tailoring each of our roasts to bring out the best aspects of our coffees.


Chequesett Chocolate

We carefully handcraft our chocolate in small batches from fine-flavor, sustainably grown cacao beans at our workshop on Cape Cod. We believe in promoting sustainable agriculture and our direct trade relationships with producers ensure that our supply chain is ethical and environmentally sound. Blending high quality cacao with the purest ingredients available, we create chocolate that is both exceptional in taste and wholesomely decadent.


Cape Cod Octopus Garden

Sea glass is made by the ocean tumbling it thirty to forty years or more to make a single piece. Some people call it mermaids' tears, Judy Lacava's jewelry is the ocean's mirror, She collects sea glass, shells and stones from all over the Cape that have washed ashore and creates one of a kind  pieces to showcase their beauty.  


Cathy Walsman Photo Cards


Cathy is a photographer and lover of nature influenced by the beauty here on Cape Cod. Her cards are all original made with tender care and deep thought about the kindred spirits that may give and receive each one. She has a special long-time romance with flowers, especially “Love in the Mist”. If you receive one of Cathy’s cards, she loves to hear what you think about their blossoms. Her photo card collections also feature sunrises and sunsets of local beaches and the treasures found there – heart rocks, shells and more.


M.A. Designs

Madeline "Maddie" Ahrensfeld of M.A.Designs is a self taught artist who began her love of art at an early age, creating heart pictures with permanent markers in vibrant colors. What started as custom birthday cards for her friends and family soon blossomed in to her M.A. Designs - bright graphics, fun patterns, custom "kicks" (painted sneakers") and original paintings.  Reciprocity of Harwichport was created to give Maddie an opportunity to share her work and also to give back to those who helped her along the way.  She loves all the media she works with but her true love remains in the "Heart Art" she creates for her note cards and one of a kind cards.    


Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest

From our kitchen to yours. Jelly, marmalade, chutney, homemade cranberry preserves. Our story begins in 1995 at our children's playgroup where we became instant friends and soon to follow, great business partners. Our journey has been an interesting one. 


NSW Jewelry Designs

Nancy Walton is passionate about all things Cape Cod. She spent every vacation and summer there growing up. Then in 2004, she and her husband purchased their dream beach house. Now they enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod all year round. 

Nancy’s love of jewelry design began when she was a little girl who spent endless hours scouring Red River beach in Harwich for just that perfect shell to string on a kite cord to make a one-of-a -kind necklace.  After years of designing and creating jewelry for herself, family and friends, she created NSW Jewelry Designs.


Cape Cod Cutlery

Cape Cod Cutlery is a homegrown Cape Cod business. We specialize in producing the finest in nautical, historic and modern knives as well as kitchen cutlery. Each of our knives is individually handmade, making them unique works of art as well as functional tools.


Cape Cod Home Remedies

Sabrina Ewing, a lifelong Cape resident, and Heather Swett, a South Shore transplant have a shared commitment to keeping their families healthy without adding in any junk. After reading through countless product and ingredient labels, Sabrina and Heather individually realized how difficult it had become to avoid the array of toxic chemicals that exist within everyday items - so they turned to making products on their own. From there, Cape Cod Home Remedies was born. 

Cape Cod Home Remedies, striving to bring you natural and safe home remedies. 


Cape Cod Chokers


We began with the Original Cape Cod Pearl Choker. We wanted a simple design that reflects the Cape's natural beauty and luminous light.

We are artisans on Cape Cod. Each piece of jewelry and artwork are made at our West Barnstable Farm off Route 6A. Makers are inspired by the local beauty and adventures as beachgoers, lifeguards, paddle boarders, swimmers, and sailors.


The Happy Lotus Candles

Heather always loved to create and have her hands in art projects. When she was a kid, she created paper items to sell to her family out of her room, complete with elevator music playing in the background. As a mom, she can usually be found creating with her kids with glue, glitter with a grin on her face.

Photography was the source of her creativity, however, it was a pivotal moment when she received a candle as a gift. It reminded her how much she has always loved candles. Hence, the flame was lit, her next step was illuminated, and The Happy Lotus was born. 


Cape Clasp

Cape Clasp was founded in 2013. We created a bracelet shaped like Cape Cod and developed a non-profit partnership model with the Cape Cod National Seashore. Today, Cape Clasp is a purpose-driven brand with a mission to #makewaves for marine life causes. For each of our designs, we partner with a different marine life organization and donate 15% of our profits.


Slyk Shades


We are pleased to offer you unique wooden sunglasses created with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials. We promise to deliver you premium eco-friendly eyewear with a purpose. Each pair is engraved with an inspirational quote to help motivate you to keep going through all life's challenges. Our company was founded by overcoming obstacles and we want to spread that same message to our supporters. In addition, we are very excited to be partnered with One Tree Planted to help give back to reforestation efforts throughout the globe. Each product sold plants one tree. We hope you will join the SLYK family and help spread positivity!  


Washashore Bowties

Tied to the Cape! It all started when CEO/Founder Connor Cummings was working for his previous employer and his tie became stuck in a conveyer belt. Luckily, he was able to shut it off before it dragged him into a dangerous situation.  This incident caused him to toss the traditional neck tie and started wearing bowties to work. Unimpressed with the drab and expensive bowties offered on Cape Cod, he decided to learn how to sew and create his own bowties, They were an instant hit and he has now expanded to include belts, key chains, dog collars and leashes.  It is his passion to create bowties that reflect Cape Cod so that a piece of paradise can always be close by.  


Wampanoag Shells


A local native, Marcus Hendricks’ bloodlines pre-date the Pilgrims. He is an avid outdoorsman and creates handmade Wampum jewelry in the style of his Native Wampanoag heritage. The Wampum is made from a Quahog or hard-shell clam. Each piece is unique and naturally show what the ocean has to offer. He makes sure nothing goes to waste, using 100% of the Quahog meat to make his stuffed Quahogs using a recipe that stems from his Wampanoag and Nipmuc ancestors. Marcus participates in many Pow Wows and believes in preserving his Native American culture. There is a long history and extensive culture behind the well-known Wampanoag Shells. 

"Preserving traditional ways

 and our cultural authentic lifestyle."


Thomas Bollinger Arts

Thomas Bollinger creates mixed media artworks, photos, & film. With the use of original & appropriated materials which are borrowed from modern and ancient cultures and mixed with historical references literature, visual works and design elements. This genre of iconography creates a visual form of storytelling that plays with the past, present and future in a whimsically interpretive way. Thomas enjoys his Cape Cod home in Cotuit when he is not traversing the globe on other assignments.


Cape Cod Whale Company


Jamie and Grant Laliberte, longtime residents on Cape Cod, discovered their sea captains’ "treasure" by chance when a simple design for a small gift project took the Cape by storm. Grant, a master craftsman, created the basic Cape Cod Whale signature design. Later, the Cape Cod Whale signature design evolved from the basic whale shape to the contour of Cape Cod during a family dinner when conversation revealed that the whale resembled the outline of Cape Cod if the Islands were included.   


Foss Sauce from Foss Farms

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  In Chef Doug's case, you make marinara sauce.  In the spring of 2014, Chef Doug sustained a horrific injury and was left with a permanent disability and nerve damage to his left leg.  As the spring turned to summer, Chef Doug turned to what he loves  

With the support of his wife, Ally, and his two beautiful children, Axel and Ashley, Chef Doug made a decision to use them as inspiration and create his classic marinara sauce to sell on Cape Cod.  He struggled with a brace and crutches all summer long, but Chef Doug was able to make and jar his famous sauce and sell it at local farmers markets. Foss Sauce has now developed quite a following on Cape Cod.


A Little Taste of Cape Cod

A Little Taste of Cape Cod is a small, illustrated cookbook featuring the classic neighborhood dishes of Cape Cod. Acting as both cookbook and guidebook, A Taste of Cape Cod offers readers recipes for signature dishes celebrating the flavors of everyone's favorite cape.

Exploring the sweet and savory dishes of Cape Cod has never been easier. This exquisitely prepared guide through the classical and modern flavors of this prime beach territory will take you on an adventure that will surely become a memorable exploration of Cape Cod's food and history.


The Nines Gallery

Lauren DiFerdinando is known for her paintings involving glass and water.  Her work has been featured in galleries in Nantucket and Chatham, MA; Newport, RI; Stone Harbor, NJ; and Stuart, FL.

Photographer, fisherman and woodworker, Luther Bates grew up in Chatham, MA fishing, boating, playing hockey, and devising inventive ways to enjoy life on Cape Cod.  Luther currently captains the F/V Singularity, longlining alone for Spiny Dogfish off Chatham. Luther has original paintings and limited-edition photography. 

Both Lauren and Luther's collection of original pieces can be found in their gallery, The Nines Gallery in Harwichport, MA.


AOA Crochet

Matthew and Kristen are “washashores” and have been making crochet items for years, including beautiful hats, scarves and ear warmers, as well with adorable feltie designs. Inspired by their love of Cape Cod and their sweet children. 


Calling All Cape Cod Creators! 

Our curators are always on the lookout for artisans here on Cape Cod with unique creations to promote and feature in the Cape Cod Calling experience for our subscribers.  Let's talk about how we can work with you to share your creations and give back to Cape Cod charities. 

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