Just a Couple of "Wash-Ashores"

Denise and Don Montgomery are proud to be Cape Cod “wash-ashores” – a term used to describe people who were not born nor grew up on Cape Cod. Denise grew up in California and was introduced to the Cape by Don who grew up in Massachusetts and vacationed on the Cape for many years. She immediately fell in love with all it had to offer and it  had always been a dream of Don's to live on the Cape full time. Relocating to Harwich in 2014, they now call Cape Cod their forever home.

Inspired by the beauty and magic of Cape Cod, its people and their many creative talents, Cape Cod Calling was founded in 2018. Cape Cod Calling is 100% committed to sharing and promoting other Cape Cod businesses, artists, creators, writers, chefs and musicians. We are also committed to supporting Cape Cod charities by donating a portion of our net profits each year and specially curated boxes to local fundraising events.

Our goal is to provide you with a unique Cape Cod experience year-round while also supporting and preserving the unique and colorful tapestry that is Cape Cod for its guests and future generations. It truly is a heaven on earth.

Are you ready to begin your Cape Cod experience?

MVYRADIO Interview

January 26th, 2020 - MVYRADIO's Jane Loutzenheiser interviews Denise Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Cape Cod Calling!