Experience Cape Cod year-round with a subscription box of Cape Cod treasures delivered right to your door each month!

How It Works

Each month you will  receive a variety of items sourced 100% from Cape Cod creators. 

art . artisan foods . candles . ceramics . historical stories  home  d├ęcor . jewelry . literature . photography . recipes  scented soaps and sundries . unique accessories

We give you a year-round Cape Cod experience and a portion of the proceeds go to Cape Cod charities.  

Step 1

Choose a plan

Pay month-to-month or prepay for extra savings. 

Choose what works best for you. 

Step 2

We select the creations

We curate a variety of items from Cape Cod creators to include each month. Plus, a story about them.

Step 3

Experience Cape Cod Calling

Each month you will receive a different Cape Cod Calling box. 

Open and enjoy or share!


Summer breezes blowing across her sands,

Autumn leaves falling around her lands,

Winter storms in her waters brew,

Spring rains awaken her all anew,

Year 'round, Cape Cod is calling you.